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Frequently Asked Questions

Hope this page answers any questions or concerns, but if not, please feel free to contact us!

1. Can I ride a mountain bike?

Yes! Both mountain bikes and gravel bikes are suitable for all distances. 

2. What terrain should I expect?

On the 19 mile family affair route, you will see pavement, gravel roads and double track roads. A mountain bike is recommended for the younger participants. On the 30 mile route, expect pavement and gravel roads. Either gravel or mountain bike is recommended for this route. On the 104 mile route, you will encounter pavement, gravel roads and single track. A gravel or mountain bike is recommended. 

3. What's the smallest recommended tire size?

We recommend at least a 40c for the long course. You can ride a smaller tire size on the shorter courses. 

4. I'm signed up for the 104 mile race but do not feel comfortable on single track. Can I skip the single track? 

Yes. If you are uncomfortable on single track and prefer to ride only on roads, you can ride the old 95 mile course. If you are signed up in the pro/elite category, you MUST follow the designated 104 mile course. Individuals riding the old 95 mile course must notify the race director BEFORE July 8th via email declaring their intentions. Please email Ashley at

5. When and where is packet pickup?

Check-in and packet pickup will be at the start line, (intersection of 4th and Central St. in Dolores), the morning of the race, July 9th from 6:00-8:00 for all distances. 

6. What if it rains?

Bring a rain jacket! We will not cancel the event unless lightning is a major issue. Your safety is our biggest concern. 

7. How many aid stations will there be?

There will be one aid station on both the 30 mile route and the Family Affair routes. There will be three aid stations on the 104 mile route. Each will be fully stocked with water, electrolyte mix and a variety of foods. 

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